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And more sophisticated features for SEO professionals. Download for free. Check out pricing for different versions. of SEO PowerSuite. The most powerful backlink checker. SEO Powersuite boasts the fastest-growing backlink index and lets you have a most comprehensive and accurate website analysis. You can overview up to 5 profiles in your competitors report. Add the URL of your competitor to be tracked in the Competitors Module, and with the next check-up the tool will pull a few valuable stats for a quick insight: the website authority score, number of backlinks, dofollow/nofollow links. Create your custom report. The checker tool allows building your custom-tailored report the way you want it. The reporting module includes ready-made report templates split by topics: ranking positions report, domain strength, competitors report, etc.
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We explain how to check your Domain Authority yourself and how to improve it. What score does your website have? Any website that is visible to search engines has a score between 1 and 100. This number is also called the domain authority. For websites that pursue online results, this score is an important gauge. The higher the score, the greater the chance of top positions in Google. How the domain authority established and what is, are the means to increase the score? The domain authority is created through various SEO factors. Some examples are.: Quantity and value of backlinks to the website. Building and user-friendliness of the website. The better the site is optimized for SEO, the higher the score of the site. Measure the score of your website. To measure the domain authority of the site, the Mozilla Mozilla extension is an appropriate tool. Install the Moz extension in your Google Chrome browser. The Moz extension will appear in the upper right corner of your browser's' menu bar. Then create a free Moz account. By clicking on the extension, the next menu bar appears after logging in.: DA domain authority. The extension shows the PA and the DA.
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Small SEO Tools Domain Authority Check. LinkGraphs Bulk DA Checker Tool. Rankzs SEO Rank Tracker. Website SEO Checker. Can Your Domain Authority Change? Moz based Domain Authority 2.0 on machine learning calculations, so the score can fluctuate as more or different data points become available and factor into the algorithm.
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Or would you rather use a backlink checker with a comprehensive index, but a much slower link retrieval process? Our Backlink Checkers Exclusive Features. Still, trying to decide on the right backlink checker for you? Wed love to introduce you to the features of Ranktracker, our custom-built suite of SEO tools that includes a premium backlink checker. Get an instant backlink analysis for any domain. Choose any of your competitor sites, big or small, and well give you a breakdown of their backlink activity. By scanning our database of 2.7trillion links and counting, we can instantly tell you which sites have linked to your competitors. Our database is always learning and always updating. Take a deeper look at every competitor's' backlink. Our backlink checker doesnt stop at 'what. Well give you a full 'who, where, and why profile of your competitor sites backlink activity. This includes the hooks that other sites have used to link to your competitor, whether they used a nofollow or dofollow link, and more! View any websites new and lost links.
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1 631 485-2055 Client Login Free Consultation. Bulk Domain Authority Checker. Browser not compatible. What Does The Bulk Authority Checker Do? The Bulk Domain Authority Checker allows you to check Page Authority, Domain Authority and more from multiple URLs in one click. What Is Domain Authority? Domain Authority DA is a search engine ranking score used to predict how well a website will rank on search engine results. Multiple factors, such as the quality of backlink root domains and number of total backlinks, are used to calculate Domain Authority.
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That will give you a traffic boost while also potentially converting a lead. If youre curious about your authority, enter your URL into a website authority tool. It will let you know your websites authority score. Its a good idea to keep an eye on this while rolling out new backlink strategies. Itll take time to show, but eventually, youll start seeing results that you can measure. Education sites edu have notoriously high domain authority in the eyes of Google. Theyre seen as very credible, which you can use to your advantage with backlinks. A clever and free tactic is to create a scholarship relevant to your niche or business. If youre focused on digital marketing, create a scholarship that your business can sponsor and a page on your website that talks about the scholarship. You can then reach out to many of the big universities and let them know about the scholarship and they will link to your scholarship page so that students can find your scholarship and apply. The goal is to acquire an official backlink from the school or university on your website.
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BacklinkGap gives you free access to most of the data to know your backlink profile. However, you can get much more accessible if you upgrade with premium features, such as more number of backlink checker rows, monitoring rows, and the ability to export CSV files. What to do after checking your backlinks. You can not just know your backlink profile and do nothing. If you want to keep improving, you must analyze the data from the SEO backlink tool and find the next solutions. Backlink analysis is a comprehensive review of a websites backlinks to analyze the sites performance and identify issues that could affect its search engine ranking. You can regain the lost links.: A good tool gives you information not only on the recently gained but also recently lost links. When you know where the problem is, you can regain lost links and ultimately keep good link juice flowing to your site. Has your link been deleted in particular? Was the web page deleted?
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They also offer a backlinks checker, backlinks monitor, and domain availability checker. Moz has a comprehensive free domain SEO analysis tool. It showcases top pages by links, discovered and lost links, top linking domains, and keywords by estimated clicks. Of course, you can also find some of this information using Ubersuggest as well. For example, when you search for the DA of on Moz, its revealed it is 88, and there are 69,900, linking domains i.e, backlinks. There are also over 269,000, keywords for which the site ranks, and the spam score just 1. The tool then breaks down the sites most important pages based on page authority and other top-linking domains.
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One sure way to check these metrics is with a reputable domain authority checker. At Loganix, we offer a domain authority checker tool that allows you to check the authority level of any site youre thinking about building a backlink on. It also gives you an insight into other relevant SEO metrics, like a websites domain rating, trust flow, and citation flow, which will help you make a better decision about which target sites to consider. A sites trust ratio is another important factor that you need to consider, and you can work this out by dividing its trust flow by its citation flow. A sites trust flow indicates how trustworthy it appears to be, based on the quality of its backlinks. And citation flow looks at how authoritative a site seems, depending on its overall number of backlinks. According to Majestic, a popular SEO analysis tool, if the citation flow of a website is much higher than the trust flow, then its likely the site is getting a lot of links, but potentially from spammy sites.
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Slow sites have high bounce rates, which is a big red flag to Google and the other search engines. Want to generate more leads? Of course you do. The B2B Marketers Toolkit collects 120 of the best lead generation tips ever published on the Nutshell blog. Download it today! GET THE TOOLKIT. Build high-quality backlinks. When it comes to domain authority, high-quality backlinks are king. The more you have, the higher your score will be. We've' written an in-depth post on link building, which we definitely suggest reading. But for now, keep these things in mind.: Create great content: Authoritative websites will only link to your content if it's' remarkable. So take your time and create in-depth blogs, videos, etc. that are better than what's' already on the internet. It will be worth the effort, guaranteed. Promote your content: Great content alone isn't' enough. Give it a boost by promoting it to your email list and social media followings. Doing so will help you get eyes on your work, which will boost your backlink opportunities.

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